When I was a little girl, my mother would always say, “The way you cut your food reflects the way you live. So live life well. It is later than you think.” There was not a time when we ate dinner as a family without at least one guest there enjoying the meal with us. Our bellies were full of food and tea, the walls mimicked our laughter through the night, and life was good.

I would sometimes ask why we always had friends and other family over to eat with us and her response was always unchanged. She would speak her little proverb and tell me it was better to go hungry for 3 days than to drink tea alone. Those curious times spent as a daughter helping my mother in the kitchen has shaped the way I live today.

It is hard to imagine that 17 years of marriage and restaurant management has brought me to this journey. While dealing with infertility, my siblings knew that my deepest desire was to share affection, time, and food with people I loved. They in turn, sent their own children to live with me one couple at a time. I was the surrogate mother to them all. Now my house was filled with laughter and full little bellies, which made my life complete. But, there were so many times when my nephews and nieces would tug at my dress and say, “Auntie, can I please have a sandwich?” We ate rice for every meal when I grew up! The changing lifestyle of the new generation was unfamiliar to me and it struck me hard. My little children wanted bread! We wanted to feed them healthy, homemade meals and they wanted us to spread cheese on a bun. I thought we had lost our tradition and culture, but it was just the beginning of finding truth and actuality about real culture.

After speaking to my husband about this, he had an idea. We would make them stuffed sandwiches that were filled with the Chinese food that we loved to eat as children. The flavor would still be proverbial but the “sandwich” would be accepted by our kids. They loved them! Our restaurant staff suggested that we sell the sandwiches to our “Fusion” customers and it was on our menu the next week. Life hasn’t been the same since. We want to share the FUSION of our culture with you, America. We understand how busy life is. We also understand that you want your family to eat healthy and happy. Let us help you with that. We promise to bring to your table natural ingredients, excellent quality, and delicious flavor.

LOVE, The gofusion Family.

FRESH  preparation of all our foods
FLAVORFUL  original cooking of our foods
FRIENDLY  knowledgeable staff, ready to serve
FUN  dining environment & experience for our customers

A wise man once said, “Fresh is the fortune that fools cannot find.” Nobody really knew what that proposed, but VaChong and Bobbiesee Ku took it to heart. You see, food is their passion and service is in their nature. With over 20 combined years of food service experience, they wanted to start a business where they could attain their fullest potential.